Our Response to COVID-19

During the Shutdown

Under the guidance of state authorities, our board made the decision to transition the hybrid model of instruction of Caritas (CAR – ee – toss) Academy to a virtual environment while sheltering-in-place.

Interactive, teacher-directed, online classes coupled with pre-recorded instructional videos were provided to our students every Tuesday and Thursday. As before, teacher-prepared lesson plans were provided for families on remote learning days.

Although not ideal, this transition was relatively easy, compared to other public and private schools. Our small class size and the hybrid model made us uniquely suited to this change. Unlike many other schools, Caritas was able to meet our academic objectives for the year in every subject, with the exceptions of science, art, and music.

We praise God for His faithfulness to us during this time!

Gathering Together Again

As Christians, we desire to live a life of trust in our Sovereign Lord, rather than living in a state of panic. We also desire to glorify Him by using the wisdom, prudence, and discretion that He gives. In light of this, Caritas Christian Classical Academy has set up specific procedures and routines to keep our students, staff, and families healthy as we join back together Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays on campus for the 2020-21 school year.

Together 6
  1. Please keep your child at home if he/she is ill, especially if he/she exhibits a fever.
  2. In accordance with the proclamations made by Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the use of face masks is encouraged, but not required. We will continue to monitor changes in the government’s requirements and suggestions, and will make adjustments as necessary.
  3. Non-contact temperature checks will be made each day as students arrive at school. This will help us all to know if a student is ill, without other obvious symptoms.
  4. Our staff will train students regarding hand washing and hand sanitizing techniques; avoiding face touching; coughing/sneezing into the elbow; and respecting others’ wishes/boundaries (not “social distancing”).
  5. We will implement specific hand washing times: arrival at school (before entering the classroom); after recess; before lunch; after using the restroom; etc.
  6. We will also implement specific hand sanitizing routines: before recess; after lunch; after entering a room; transitioning between rooms; after “shared” activities; etc.
  7. Parents will provide individual hand sanitizers for their children. These will not be shared.
  8. We will limit the shared use of materials (math manipulatives, etc.) In the few occasions where they are shared, they will be sanitized before and after they are used.
  9. We will not use the public drinking fountain. Students will bring their own water bottles, which will be refilled with bottled water.
  10. Classrooms will be sanitized several times a day.
  11. Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized each day.
We are eager for our community to gather together in order to learn about the Truth of God’s word, the Beauty of His creation, and the Goodness of His gifts. Would you like to join us? We are continuing to accept applications for enrollment for the 2020-21 school year. Click below to receive more information or to begin the application process.

Caritas is Community!