Admission Process

Caritas Academy uses an admissions procedure that allows us to more accurately identify and admit students from families whose educational convictions are similar to those of the school. Attending Caritas is a privilege. Students and families are enrolled at the direction of the Administration and Board. We reserve the right to refuse admission or continued enrollment to anyone. However, Caritas Christian Classical Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethic origin, or gender in the administration of its policies, admissions, scholarships, and other school-directed programs.

1. Apply early. We encourage you to visit with our Head of School if you have questions about the school.

3. Send the Pastor Reference Form (in online application) to your church’s pastor who

knows you best. You may send it to a small group leader or other church elder if that is
more appropriate. Once they have filled it out, they should mail it directly to the school.

4. Send records. Please send copies of standardized test scores and academic records
(report cards or transcripts) prior to student testing.

5. Schedule an admissions assessment for your child. This typically takes 30-60
minutes for grammar school. An admissions fee of $50 (per child) will be collected at this

6. Schedule a family interview. All parents will be interviewed by an administrator at the
school. This helps us to assess new applicants based on our school’s mission and
culture. Families are assessed based upon:
● Family support
● A family faith that aligns with our statement of faith
● A basic understanding of Christian classical education
● Application documents submitted to the school.

Acceptance and admittance. Applications will be assessed based on the family and student fit
as determined by the Caritas Admissions Committee. Students will be accepted based on the
information collected above. Acceptance means that we believe that we can serve your family
and there is a fit with our community. In classes that are full, students who are accepted are
then wait-listed until we have room to admit them. A students is admitted only when we have a
seat for them in a classroom. No further money is required until a student is admitted.

For more information, please contact us at