The Hybrid model: We believe that God has given parents a command to educate their children (Deut. 11:9). A child’s education is not just accomplished in a classroom; parents pour knowledge into their children throughout the day. Many parents want to participate in a more formal way. Our aim is to work side-by-side with parents to give them structure, accountability, and community as they fulfill God’s purpose. Caritas Academy uses a hybrid model where an on-campus teacher provides students with instruction three days per week while parents use our lesson plans to oversee independent practice the other two days at home. Students receive the benefit of a brick-and-mortar classroom experience coupled with the benefits of more time with their parents.

The Hybrid Plus model: The Hybrid Plus model is for families who desire a classical Christian education for their children, but need an option for the Remote Learning Days (RLDs). With this model, in addition to attending classes on campus for three days, students will come to campus on RLDs to complete their work in the morning with the supervision and assistance of a Caritas instructor. The Hybrid Plus model is ideal for families with very young children in the home, for parents who are uncomfortable homeschooling, for students who are ready to transition to more time on campus, or for families with two working parents.