Welcome to Caritas Christian Classical Academy!

Caritas Academy is dedicated to the idea that true education requires more than imparting knowledge, or training skills, or even teaching students to think (though all of these are involved). We are cultivating in students what the ancient Greeks and Christians called paideia. Paideia can be understood as the set of assumptions (worldview) that a student has, and the rightly ordered affections (virtues) that drive what he or she is passionate about. Paideia motivates the decisions a person makes, and it turns faith into a powerful cultural force rather than just a personal experience.


A person’s paideia is the core ingredient in building a community that loves and honors God, and K-12 education is a foundational ingredient in forming paideia in a student. In Ephesians 6, God calls fathers to raise their children in the “paideia of the Lord.” Historically, Christian paideia has been cultivated through a unique form of education that was designed for this purpose: Christian Classical Education.

As a Christian classical school, we are quite different from other schools. We strongly encourage you to investigate the classical difference for yourself.